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What is a Sabbatical?

The concept of sabbatical is rooted in the biblical concept of “Sabbath” which God modeled (Genesis 2:1-4a) and commanded (Exodus 20:8-11).

In Leviticus 25:1-7, the Lord says that after the sixth year the people were not supposed to sow the fields or harvest a crop. The land was allowed to rest, and therefore, so were the people.

Sabbaticals have often been used in church and academia to provide a time of rest, recovery, renewal and re- education for the individual staff member.

The Session of Goodwill Church believe that the ordained pastoral staff should model God’s design for Sabbath rest. We believe that a time of sabbatical is important both in the sharpening and renewal of the pastor and for the health and strength of the Church.

What is the Purpose of a Sabbatical?

The sabbatical is for the pursuit of activities approved by the Session of the church. The intent of a sabbatical is to further the ministry objectives of the church, to enhance the personal ministry of the pastoral staff member, and to provide for physical, spiritual and relational renewal and refreshment.

How long will Pastor Jose be gone?

From May 8, 2022 to August 14, 2022.

Our Call-to-Action

As a church, we have a call-to-action for Pastor Jose's Sabbatical too! Prayer!

Please be praying for Pastor Jose, Kim and their family, that this time would truly be a season of renewal in their lives. And finally, please pray for our church, that we may also be renewed and refreshed during this time, and that we may do according to God's will. Please pray for protection and provision for all!

Thank you!