Lindsay Pohlman Chapel Update

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 What renovations are being done?


  •  An addition of a unisex, handicap accessible bathroom.
  •  Replacement and to-code update of handicap ramp.
  • Two small additions to the building that include a new vestibule. All renovations were designed to thoughtfully incorporate the original architecture and to blend seamlessly into our building's historic, timeless aesthetic.


What is the purpose of this renovation project?


  •  A new bathroom means no more depending on the CE building! The historic sanctuary can now be an independent building to be used for special services, weddings, funerals, ministries, and much more.
  •  The renovations bring the historic building up to code.


When did this project begin?


  • Renovations began April of 2021. Due to labor and supply delays because of Covid-19, the project has taken longer than expected to complete.


Are there any future plans for this part of our Montgomery Campus?

Permitting budget we goal to:

  • Fix the parking lot.
  • Update the landscaping.
  • Renovate the CE building.
  • Update security systems including additional parking lot lighting.